SWI identifies talents through the innovative spelling contests. We conduct various contests of progressive levels at different stages.

1. Trial Test

You have to register to appear for the trial round. After completing registration procedure student will get trial paper according to their age group. They will be able to see the result as soon as they complete the trial round.

Students can appear multiple times in trial round. To appear for the second time they’ve to select re-try from the given option.

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2. Entrance Test (ET)

After successful completion of trial round participant can join the Entrance Test. Entrance test is the first official test. Based on the performance of the participant in this test they’ll be getting participation certificate or the selection certificate for the District Level Contest.

Participants’ who secure marks above 60% will be eligible to receive the ‘Selection Certificate’ to appear in the District Level Contest (DLC).

Student who does not get selected for the DLC can prepare more and appear for the ET again. Usually we conduct 4 ET per year with required gap in time, so that students to learn more number of spellings.

Those who’ve already scored required marks for the DLC can also join ET multiple times to get better practice and prepare well for upcoming Spelling Challenge.


3. District Level Contest (DLC)

This contest happens only once in a year. Only those students who have Selection Certificate for DLC can appear for the contest. Difficulty in this round remains higher compared to the ET