• Dr. O.K. Arya

    Participation Year: 2008-09 ‘SWI’ is one of the best contest to improve the knowledge of spellings of the words. Generally correction in spelling of a word may be done by the individual attempt, but I think this is the best efforts to get rid of spelling mistakes. English Teacher: Mrs. A. Jadeja : ‘NO doubt’. ‘Spell Well India’ is one of the excellent way to emphasise the correction in spellings of the words. Suggestions: Range of this program should be so wide that mass participation may be assured. By this way aim of this program will be the right way.

    Principal - K.V.No. 3 Air Force-2 Jamnagar

  • Mr.Dilim M Dumaniya

    Participation Year: 2012 Principal’s Feedback: Mr.Dilim M Dumaniya The contest 2012 was excellent. Your way to encourage the students and appreciate them was very nice. The concept is very good. English Teacher’s Name & feedback: Parmar Shital M. Children have improved their ability in framing spellings and pronunciations have also improved. We are satisfied with your best co-ordination and co-operation. Your administration is also the best. Suggestions: Highlight your program to rural areas. Make some activity based audio-visual aids and material. Adarsh English Medium School Khambhalia, Gujarat, India

    Principal - Adarsh English Medium School, Bhuj

  • Mr. V. Ramesh

    Participation Year: 2008-09 English Teacher’s Feedback: Ms.Teena Motwani: It was a great opportunity for the students to dig in the well of their vocabulary. We would like to organize the competition in coming year too.

    Principal - K.V.No. 2 Infantry Line, Jamnagar

  • Rev. Fr. James, Ms.Sujata Dasgupta

    Participation Year: 2008-09 English Teacher: Ms.Sujata Dasgupta says Interesting methodology to create interest among students to learn spellings.

    Vice Principal - St.Francis School

  • S. K. Bhattacharya

    Principal S. K. Bhattacharya says: It is a wonderful manner by which children are encouraged to lay stress on the enormous importance of mastering spellings during their school days. My compliments to the organizers for their splendid effort. English Teacher: It’s been a great experience to see our students taking so much more interest in Eng. Spellings, thanks to Spell Well India.

    Principal - Nand Vidya Niketan

  • Vincy Tomy

    Principal says the Spell Well contest conducted by Desai Academy was good and well appreciated. It was an opportunity for the students to show their fluency in English language. We congratulate your team for conducting such contest and the winners as well. English Teacher: It’s the best platform for the improvement of English Language.

    Principal - Ma Ashapura English Med. School