The competition is divided into 2 rounds initially i.e. ‘Entrance Test’ and ‘DLC’ (District level Competition). DLC winners & participants may get a chance to contest in Nationals.

The words which are to be spelt are selected from various school books according to the student’s age and class group. Relevant material other than the school books is also used to select the words after taking into consideration the child’s age and standard.

After successful completion of the ‘Entrance Test’ students are ready to prepare for the advance level. In DLC participants get to compete with the students from different schools of the district and different students of varying caliber which would enhance their exposure and confidence level.

Students can register on free of charge. To participate in any of the competitions students have to make the fees payment. Starting of the fees is as low as Rs.100/- for Entrance Test. But we recommend parents to enroll for the annual package which includes unlimited attempts for the students to Entrance Test whereby students can get maximum vocabulary practice, one training workshop for learning word building, material charges & the fees for the district level competition. Students can avail various benefits in this fees payment. To know more about it you can check the following comparative chart.

Yes, students who opt for the annual package will be invited for the online/offline workshop whereby students are trained for learning word building. This workshop will be conducted by our Language Experts, they will provide complete preparation guidelines & much more.

We will give you a preparatory booklet (at a nominal charge) from which a lot words and their spellings may can learnt. Apart from this booklet, the student should also find words from the school books of various subjects of the particular age group ( or class ). You can also search age appropriate words on internet for the child to prepare for the competition.

The words to be spelt are normally asked in the ratio of 50:50 i.e. 50% are asked from the books and 50% from outside. But the words taken from the books may not be exactly the same: their form may be alerted e.g. suppose the word given in the book is R E G E C T I O N the student may be asked to spell R E J E C T and so on. (Of course this will be according to their category). Thus if the student has just learnt the spelling by heart (Mugged up), he is bound to face difficulties.

You can read notices to learn more about the contest. To check complete terms & condition you can either check it in privacy policy of our website or you can find them in student login.


14 prizes will be awarded for each category. 1 prize to the Champion 1 prize to the Winner 1 prize to the 1st Runners up 1 prize to the 2nd Runners up 10 prize to the TOP TEN participants. Note: The above numbers are subject to change depending on the number of participants in a particular District. If the number of participants in any particular district is less than 100 then the prize for top 10 participants will be cancelled.

Once you create your account on Log on to your account using your email address & password, then you’ll see “upcoming competition”. You can enroll in the desired contest by clicking on it. Once you click on enrol, you’ll be redirected to the payment page.

One topper student per category per school is awarded scholarship. There are a maximum of 5 categories in Regional (Gujarati) medium and 4 in English Medium so, from each category one topper is awarded scholarship. For a student, the eligibility to get a scholarship is to score minimum 70% or above. (Per school, per category 1 student may be awarded scholarship)

Ans.: A maximum of Top 20 students from each category may be selected from each school. In case of a tie (i.e. two students scoring equal marks) more than 20 may be selected. The minimum marks range for the selection of a student is 35% score. Students scoring less than 35% will not be selected.


Ans. You may have entered wrong mobile number while filling the participation form.